Seneca Students Tell Student Journalists What They Really Think About Politics

Veronica Thor

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​​With the Canadian election just weeks away, we took to the halls of Seneca College to pick the brains of students on how they feel about the leaders, and why voting matters. However, what we found will probably not shock you. There was an air of hesitation when students were asked about the election.  Many were honest and said they would not be voting. But it doesn’t stop at education. Others said they wouldn’t vote because of the leaders running. Many students we spoke to stated “ANYBODY BUT HARPER” but a majority said that they don’t like any of the leaders running in this election at all. 

But why aren’t the leaders interesting to young people?  What is it that Seneca wants from the future Prime Minister of their country? This proud student is not convinced that the leaders can be trusted, or that the leaders even want to listen to the younger generation. Students are concerned that the leaders don’t want to listen to what the younger generation wants.  One thing is for sure: Students want their voices to be heard. 

When asked about the country they live in, many felt that being Canadian was definitely something to be proud of. Some students feel it's very important to exercise your right as a Canadian citizen to vote.

So with the election approaching quickly, it’s clear that politics are on the minds of the student body.

Come on, Seneca! Let’s make a difference!